• This is a 50m mesh Gutter Guard kit that contains the trim fixtures and fittings needed to create a professional Gutter Guard for your home.
  • Easy clear Instructions saves you 1000s over having someone come out to install the same system.
  • We offer both our Mesh and Colourbond trim in 21 different colours ensuring your Gutter Guard matches the aesthetic of your home.
  • This kit is designed specifically for Tile roofs it contains 50m of 500mm wide mesh along with 50m of trim and screws to secure everything in place.
  • High Strength Coated Aluminium means it will last for decades and meets Australian Fire Standards.


What Is Gutter Guard?

  • What Is Gutter Guard? Gutter guard (also referred to as gutter protection, leaf guard) is a product that has been developed to prevent damage and the inconvenience caused by clogged gutters in residential and commercial buildings.
  • Buildings without gutter guard typically have exposed gutters that catch and drain rainwater from roofs. Gutters are connected to downspouts and channel water down and away from a building to protect its structure. Over time, exposed gutters receive a build-up of leaves and debris that clogs gutters, which prevents water flow. If left unattended, the build-up of water and debris can cause irreversible damage to gutters including corrosion, as well as damage to the building's walls and foundations. Preventing this damage requires regular gutter cleaning or the installation of gutter guards.
  • Gutter guards reduce the need for regular gutter cleaning as they help prevent the build-up of leaves and debris, allowing the gutters to maximise water follow and function as they are intended. They are most commonly an add-on to an existing gutter system that involves attaching or inserting material over the exposed gutter, to prevent debris entry whilst allowing water to easily flow through.


Don't Risk Your Life Or Injury

  • Everyone knows that cleaning their gutters is a tedious and often dangerous job. Thousands of Australians each year are hospitalised or killed while climbing ladders when attempting to maintain their gutters or home.
  • Our Pro Gutter Guard installation kit works with your roof to help leaves and debris be washed blow or fall off the roof rather than collecting on top of the gutter guard or getting caught in it. Keeping you safer and reducing maintenance time.

Protect Your Home From Fire

  • In recent years, we have all been touched by the tragic bushfires throughout various parts of Australia, some of them on our own backdoor. Gutter screening prevents the build-up of leaves and other debris in your gutters, reducing the risk of embers starting a fire by falling into the leaves on your roof. Ember attack is one of the main sources of a house burning down in a bushfire. Our range of aluminium screening products is designed to completely shield the gutters to prevent the build-up of potential fuel for embers to ignite. Our screens are rated to Australian fire standards AS3959 and compliant with bell ratings 11,19,29.


Enjoy Clean Tank Water!

  • Our gutter screening system keeps gutters free from the build-up of leaves and other material which can breakdown in your gutters and produce toxins such as tannin, potentially contaminating water in your tanks. If you rely on the water in your tanks to be clean and fresh, you can be assured our food safe gutter screening materials will provide non-tainted water over the expanse of your roof.


Easy To Follow Instructions and Video Guide

  • All of our kits come with easy to follow instructions, with clear diagrams and we also have a video guide taking you through step by step, meaning you can be confident of a great finish regardless of your level of experience.


20 Year Product Warranty

  • Our products are made to the highest standards and our powder coating meets the standards for Australian architectural finishes

Pick your Colour Combination

  • We have 21 colours of our mesh and trim available that can be chosen for any combination giving lots of potential options. Let us know what mesh and trim colour you would like when you place your order.


50M Tiled Roof - DIY Gutter Guard Kit - 500mm wide,

Mesh Colour
Trim Colour




    At Aussie Diy Solutions we have the best Gutter Guard systems around. Our easy gutter guard installation provides a durable leaf guard for your home. We use aluminium gutter guard so we can give you a 20-year warranty which is why we are one of the best rated gutter guard providers in Australia. 

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