• This is a 10m  Woven Mesh Ember Guard kit that contains the trim fixtures and fittings needed to create a professional  Ember Guard for your home.
  • Easy clear Instructions saves you 1000s over having someone come out to install the same system.
  • We offer both our Mesh and Colourbond trim in 5 different colours ensuring your Ember Guard matches the aesthetic of your home.
  • This kit is designed specifically for Klip-Lock roofs it contains 10m of 250mm wide Woven mesh along with 10m of trim, saddles and screws to secure everything in place. 
  • High Strength Coated Aluminium means it will last for decades and meets Australian Fire Standards, Including the BAL 29 rating.


10m Klip-lock Roof Ember Guard, Woven Aluminium Mesh, Install Kit.

Trim Colour
Mesh Colour




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